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Electric chain hoist

  • Dhs Type wire rope electric hoist
  • DHL Type chain electric hoist

    DHL Type chain electric hoist

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    Dual Braking Systerm

    Safe and More Reliable

  • Remote Control electric chain hoist Suspension Monorail

    Remote Control electric chain hoist Suspension Monorail

    Micro electric hoist is a kind of simple to use, easy to carry the manual hoisting machiner, it is suitable for small short hoisting equipment items, the weight is in commonly 10 tons, lifting height is in commonly 6 meters, labor-saving, and also very cheap, widely used in factories, miners, construction and other fields used for installation of machinery, lifting equipment, Especially in the absence of power supply, the space of the local operation has obvious advantages.

  • Electric chain hoist DHS

    Electric chain hoist DHS

    HS ring chain electric hoist is a light and small lifting equipment. It is composed of electric motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket wheel. The lifting weight is generally 0.1~60 tons and the lifting height is 4~20 meters. It is widely used in wharf, factory, warehouse, construction, assembly line and other places.

    DHS circular chain electric hoist features: small size, light weight, reliable performance, easy to operate, wide scope of application, lifting heavy objects, loading and unloading work, maintenance equipment, lifting goods is very convenient, it can also be installed in the suspension i-beam, curve track, slewing crane guide and fixed lifting point lifting goods.

    DHS type ring chain electric hoist all according to the international standard production, the body appearance is beautiful, durable, internal gear all through high temperature quenching, increase the wear resistance and toughness of the gear, the use of international advanced technology, fine workmanship, fit between the gear is tight, will not appear loose.It is safe, reliable. You can use assuredly.

  • Electric chain hoist DHP

    Electric chain hoist DHP

    DHP is the new design goods, it has the light weight and convenience of hand chain hoist, at same time improve its disadvantage- manual operation, and slowly liting etc, it use disc brake, planetary gear reducer, compact structure,small volume,light weight and high effiency, easy operation

    DHP 7.5 ton 8m 6m electric chain hoist with hook for building used for building,welding tank factory, industry, shipping company. Durable and convenient for heavy lifting. From 5ton to 50ton. Chains length can be customized.

  • Electric chain hoist KOIO

    Electric chain hoist KOIO

    Shell : light aluminum alloy shell shall be adopted which is light but hard and fit for the use in the terrible work environment with a high heat dissipation rate and all tightness design.

    Inverse phase sequence protecting device: It is the special electrical installation which control the circuit not to work in case of wiring error in the power supply.

    Limit switch: the limit switch device is installed where the weight is lifted on and off make the motor to stop automatically so as to prohibit the chains from exceeding for safety.

    24V/36V device : it is used to prohibit the emergencies from occurring in case of the power dump.

    Side magnetic braking device : this device shall realize the instant brake is case of the power dump.

    Chain bag:it shall be light, handsome and durable.

    Chain: the chain shall adopt heat-treatable aluminum alloy chain.