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Thichened enclosure makes the hoists more impact resistant,which can protect the internal structure.Multi-point support structure makes the system have a reasonable force,flexible operation and low failure rate.

Safety Brake with two Pawls increase the safety factor of the machine.

Adopting antiskid nuts,the whole machine has higher security.

Forged by high quality alloy steel,the hook is much safer.

High strength G80 load chain.

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First, HS-KII chain hoists are safe and reliable, easy maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, bracelet tension is small, light weight easy to carry, small size, durable, suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, terminals , Docks, warehouses, etc. for the installation of machinery, lifting goods, especially for open and no power operation, but also shows the superiority.
Second, in line with national standards, safe, reliable, durable.
Third, Toughness, small size, light weight, easy to carry.
Forth. Hand tension is small, mechanical strength is high.
1.Excellent after-sale serve, market agent support and protection
2.Excellent quality, top in China, always the leader
3.Sample order and trail order are acceptable 
4.We are the manufactuer
5.High efficiency, small hand pulling force.
Chain block with the advantages of safe, easy maintenance, high efficiency , small pull ,light weight , portable , beautiful appearance , durable etc for the work of lifting , traction , decending and adjusting etc.
1.overload is prohibited strictly . It is forbidden to use other motivation than manpower operation
2.You must confirme the machine parts is in perfect condition , the transmission part and the lfiting chain is in good lubricity and iding conditions are normal
3.You need check the up-down hook is hooked firmly before lifting operation , lifting chain should be hanged vertically ,no wrong link , the double line chain hook rack don’t reverse
4.The operator should stand in the same plane with the bracelet draging the bracelet , making the sprocket wheel rotate clockwise for rising objects , drag the bracelet in the reverse direction and the object will slowly descend
5.During lifting , the force should be evenly and gently pulling the bracelet no matter heavy objects rise or fall in case of chain beating or snap ring
6.If the force is greater than normal force found during operation , you should stop operation immediately in case of destrction of the internal strcture and accident of falling objects.
7.Take the chain hoist hook when the heavy objects land steadily
8.After use , put it gently , place it in a dry , well-ventilated place , and apply the lubricant to it.

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