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China did not participate in the World Cup? Zoomlion Heavy Core-tower aircraft to help build the home stadium “kick” full!

The Qatar World Cup is just around the corner!


I heard China didn’t compete?


Assisted in the construction of Zoomlion Tower Crane “First in line”

“I’m not a big fan of football,” laughs Ren Jie, the Middle East and Africa regional manager of Zoomlion Construction Crane. “But this Qatar World Cup makes me feel close and proud.”


The opening match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will kick off the quadrennial global football extravaganza on Nov 21. The Lussel Stadium, which hosted the opening ceremony, the opening match, the final and the closing ceremony, is also recognized and remembered by “different numbers”.


For Qatar, the Lussel Stadium is known as “Project Zero,” featuring a new 10-Qatari Riyal note issued in December 2020. Internationally, it is famous for “6″, which has created the world’s largest span double-layer cable net roof single building, the world’s largest scale and other six world’s most. But for Ren Jie, the Lussel Stadium is stamped with “8″ in his memory, “our eight tower cranes helped to build it all the way”, which is why he feels close and proud of this World Cup.


“The Zoomlion tower project is not a Chinese-funded outsourcing project, but a winning bid from a global tender,” Ren said.


As the World Cup stadium with the highest design standards, the Lussel Stadium has strict standards in design, construction and construction equipment. At the same time, there is fierce competition to get projects in.


It is understood that the construction machinery market in Qatar is in use of Western standards. In recent years, the influence of Chinese equipment has climbed, but in large equipment or key projects, the preconceived European and American brands still occupy the advantage. At the same time, Qatar is not short of money. It has spent 229 billion dollars on the World Cup. China’s construction machinery and equipment “cost-effective” advantage is also difficult to play. To compete in this market environment, we can only rely on our core strength, such as technology, research and development, and performance.


“Our research institute is very strong and provides the best construction solutions,” Ren Jie is still excited about winning the bid. In addition to the performance and quality of the products, Zoomlion tower Crane has won from the major manufacturers in Europe, America and China, especially the remarkable advantage of the tower crane independent height.


According to the introduction, due to the high height of the main building of the stadium, the stadium’s outer end face is irregular and cannot provide adhesion, so the independent height of the tower crane is put forward a high demand, which needs to be more than 86.7 meters.


“In the bidding scheme, some vendors do not meet the high level of independence required; While some although meet, but by increasing the tower, the standard section to achieve, the cost has increased substantially. Only we provide the best construction solution for the owner.”


The ultimate performance shows the truth


Winning the bid is just a ticket to the construction of Qatar’s World Cup Lussel Stadium, but more important is how to “play the game” in the schedule.


From the beginning of 2018, Zoomlion tower Crane construction began to be completed in December 2021, after the completion of the ceiling withdrawal, in the four years of construction, after heavy lifting, high temperature, dust and other adverse construction conditions, Zoomlion tower crane successfully played the “competition”.


The main body of the stadium is steel beam combined with concrete structure, the use of steel volume of 100,000 tons, the membrane structure of 45,000 square meters, is the world’s largest membrane structure. Ren Jie introduced: “Zoomlion’s eight TC8039-25 tower cranes are evenly distributed in accordance with the outer perimeter of the building, covering the whole project in an all-round way, and undertook the lifting of most materials of the whole project.”


Under the beautiful night sky, the Zoomlion heavy technology tower and the Lussel Stadium stand hand in hand


Construction was also a challenge because of the design of the stadium. According to the introduction, a lot of construction requires high-altitude docking assembly, steel structure installation at a height of 70 meters is like “dancing on the tip of a knife”. Zoomlion tower crane has excellent lifting performance and smooth fretting. The fretting mode can be controlled to the level of millimeter, providing effective support for high-altitude steel structure installation.


Construction conditions in Qatar are also harsh, with high temperatures of more than 50 degrees all year round, sandstorms and summer thunderstorms, etc., which also require high stability of equipment. Ren Jie said: “Zoomlion tower crane adopts the first-class design and manufacturing process, and has carried out rigorous stability tests. Electrical components are reliable, the design and manufacturing standards of the whole machine have reached the European CE grade standard. During this project, a single tower crane has accumulated more than 15,000 hours of effective working time, and its stable and reliable performance provides strong support for the overall project schedule.”


In just a few days, the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will take place at the Lusel Stadium. Ren is proud of this landmark full of Chinese elements: “Ten years ago, Chinese construction machinery and equipment in the Middle East was in its infancy, but now domestic brands are widely seen. Zoomlion heavy lifting equipment in the local market share is leading. To be able to participate in the construction of such a famous building is not only for me personally, but also on behalf of Chinese technology and equipment to win the ‘breakthrough’.”



Post time: Nov-23-2022