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We produce chain hoist material analysis

1. alloy steel shell:

material: steel

Workmanship: alloy steel suppresses, spray paint

advantage: beautiful appearance, spray paint no rust, good impact resistance, effective protection of internal parts.

  1. 360° degree revolving hook

material:manganese steel

Workmanship: forging

Advantage : high strength, high toughness with slow bending function,matched with security card in case of goods falling off ,more safe.

3. rational internal structure

Double ratchet brake system , double regulating wheel structure

advantage: rational structure design, safe and reliable

4. Blocking chain machine

Fit the chain trend, preventing the chain from getting stuck in the hoist when pulling

the heavy objects.

  1. load chain

material: manganese steel chain

Workmanship: quenching refining hundred and thousand of load testing

advantage: high strength, great intensity, safety and security.


Easy operation safe and efficient

Uniform spray paint, high security, run smoothly

Usage scenario: easy maintenance, high efficiency, small pull, light weight, portable, beautiful appearance, durable etc for the work of lifting, traction, decending and adjusting etc.

Post time: Jun-23-2022