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Canonize God! Sany Crane won three awards in Australia!

Recently, the Australian Lifting Industry Annual Conference (CICA) was successfully held. With excellent construction performance, SANY SCC8000A crawler crane involved in Brisbane Railway Station project won three awards, “People’s Choice Award”, “Best Product of the Year” and “Best Lifting Award”, becoming the biggest winner that night.


The Australian Lifting Trade Association Annual Conference is the most important annual event for the lifting industry in Oceania.


Since most of the construction machinery in Australia is imported, the CICA award has become an “arena” for the major brands, attracting great attention from the industry.


The SCC8000A crawler crane that won the award in this project is Sany’s best-selling large tonnage crane product overseas. Its maximum lifting moment is 12016t·m, with the original super strong boom combination, lifting capacity is improved by 30%-50% compared with conventional products, reaching the level of 1000-ton products.


In May, SCC8000A was in the heart of Brisbane, Australia, helping to demolish a 221-ton footbridge at Auchenflower Train Station.


During the operation, this 800-ton crane operated with a range of 30.5m, but did not cause any interference to the operation of the railway station. The high efficiency and high precision performance won the praise of the local customers and the public.


Industry insiders said that China SANY construction machinery represented by SCC8000A has excellent quality and excellent service, and the award is well deserved.


In recent years, SANY Crane continues to cultivate the Australian market. At present, SANY has sold nearly 100 cranes to Australia, including 800 tons crawler crane and 1000 tons full ground truss boom crane, which has achieved a good start for the full development of high-end market.

Post time: Nov-23-2022