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Hand Truck

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It is mainly used to carry all kinds of mechanical machines or other heavy objects. It can be used together with lifting tools such as jacks and hand-cranked domes to reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency.

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Manual hydraulic truck usage rules:

1. Pressing: Press the control handle to the lower position and press the direction handle to press the manual hydraulic forklift. The weight of the forked cargo must not exceed the weight limit of the manual hydraulic forklift.

2. Pulling the goods: After pressing the goods off the ground, the control handle is hit to the middle position, and the goods can be dragged. When the goods are pulled, they are not allowed to run, and need to be slowed down.

3. Pressure relief: After pulling the cargo to the destination, the control handle is hit to the upper position, and the manual hydraulic forklift is relieved until the cargo touches the ground.

4. Empty operation: When the empty jack is running, the manual hydraulic jack should be properly raised to avoid the front wheel support frame from contacting the ground to cause wear.

Product Details  :
1.Ergonomic handle
lifting three-speed movable handle, 180-degree rotation
easy to operation .

2.High performance hydraulic pump
DF welding type:simple and compact pump body.
Easy to maintenance ,high advanced  hydraulic technology with high performance
AC pouring type:pump with whole sealed and solid structure  hydraulic circuit and hydralic tand inside with imported sealed circle built in, which can make the entire hydraulic system more safe and solve the common problem of pump oil leakage.

3.Double wheel configuration
nylon wheel :for muddy ground and non-smooth ground  etc.less resistance , more wear-resistance.
PU wheel :for paint floor, tile floor and smooth ground  etc, large load capacity, great durability and no sound .

4.decompression pedal

5.thicken and reinforced steel plate.

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