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Multifunction Electric Hoist

Short Description:

Electric winch  has compact structure, it is economical & easy to install, and wide range of application. The product has the characteristic brake promptly, small volume, light, compact, convenient and easy to maintain.Applies to industrial enterprise, mining company, normal factory, workshop, railway, sea port, warehouse, stock ground and so on. This is the ideal equipment to improve working efficiency and working conditions nowadays.

The product has the characteristic brake promptly, small volume, light, compact, convenient and easy to maintain.

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.a steel wire rope hoist for lifting goods
2.the wire rope is 100m
3.can lift the goods which is from 0.5T to 2T
4.the usage is pulling and lifting,except exclusive-use
5.can match-use with electric trolley and plain trolley, geared trolley, these trolleys with simple structure, light weight, easy to load and unload
6.be widely used in warehouse, construction and many kinds of producing-line
7.Wire Rope Length: 50-100m
8.Lifting Speed: 6-12m/min
9.Motor Power: 1.5kw
10.Use Power/Power Supply: single
11.Voltage AC.50HZ: 220V/380V

 Application of electric hoist motor

1.The  gearbox case of the winch was made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials with light weight and high precision.

2. The high speed winch increased the module gear which could reduce the noise of the gearbox ,higher safety coefficient and longer use time.

3.The mini electric winch equiped with  afterburner system,specific motor,case fan,the rotary steel wire rope,Rotating hook and so on.The configuration is very high.

4.The construction winch looks delicate appearance and high grade.

Appliction field:

Used in residential construction, ash brick, digged soil, freight yard warehouse, shopping malls, restaurants,
individual workshops of small factories, can make any angle to handling, lifting, loading and unloading.
it is the most ideal small promotion tools now, also widely used in small and medium-sized residential,,
high-rise building decorated, Soil drilling Wells, warehouse factory crane and so on or personal who need to use machinery.


In order to recommend a proper winch for you, please kindly advise below information:
1> Quantity
2> Lifting weight, lifting height
3> Power supply (such as 380V, 3phase, 50Hz)
4> Color, other special requirements.

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