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HSZ type chain hoist is a widely used manual hoisting machinery which is easy to use and carry. It can be used in factory ,mine, agriculture, electricity, construction site, wharf and dock, and it can also be used in installing of machinery, lifting ,loading and unloading in the warehouse, especially suitable to be sued in the open air and the place without power source .We manufacture the products in accordance with national standard, use the symmetry arrayed two-stage gear driven structure .It is design reasonable ,dainty material ,advanced structure, beautiful appearance, small volume,light weight, big component strength, high toughness safety and durability, the product has been selling well both at home and broad, it can compete, well-known brand all over the world.

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HSZ  detailsAdditional features and benefits include:

1. High elastic spring with double pawl brake system design featuring stable operation and smooth braking.

It is all significant for improving the security and dependability of the braking system through designing dust cover of braking system.

2. Double chain guide mechanism in flanged load sheave and guide roller facilitate smooth movement of the load chain.

3. Rolled-edge hand wheel cover. This provides smooth operation of the hand chain when pulled sideways.

4. Light weight and easy handing.

5. High efficiency and small hand pulling.

HSZ round chain hoist name of parts :

1.360° shackle hook 

2.alloy steel shell 

3.High quality roller chain 

4.G80 lifting chain 

5.Insurance card built in 

HSZ round chain hoist detals of parts 

1.360 degree revolving hook 

  Through many process forging ,tens of thousands of tests , quality assurance , reliable choice . 

2.blocking chain machine 

   Fit the chain trend , prevening the chain from getting stuck in the hoist when pulling the heavy objects 

3.alloy steel shell 

   Alloy steel suppresses , beautiful appearance spray paint evently not rust , good impact resistance effective protetion of internal parts 

4.managnese hook 

    Made of quality forging alloy steel ,high strength , high toughness with slow bending function , matched with security card in case of goods falling of , more safety .

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